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The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators, Second Edition
Robert W. Colby, CMT
McGraw-Hill Publishing, 2003
ISBN 0-07-012057-9

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Robert W. Colby
is the author of
a critically acclaimed,
820-page research book
that identifies specific
profitable technical indicators
which you can apply
to your own trading
and investing.
The book is beautifully
illustrated with charts
and hard-bound.

Praise for the Completely Revised Second Edition

" One of the year’s top investment books. A very ambitious effort. Nothing compares to it. A treasury and analysis of over one hundred known and widely used indicators. Colby currently manages money successfully using, among other things, indictors in the book. " 
-- Stock Trader's Almanac 2005, Yale Hirsch, Editor at Large

" Rock-solid. Extremely helpful. If you are a technical trader, then I highly recommend this book. It's ideal resource for helping you understand and verify the effectiveness of the vast number of indicators. " 
--John Slauson, creator of ICE trading systems development software and founder of Adaptick, Inc.

"…A useful reference for those looking for a comprehensive catalogue of the formulas, applications and performance characteristics of technical tools." 
--Active Trader, Short-Term Trading Strategies in the Financial Markets, September 2004 issue

"Wonderful work…The scope of Mr. Colby’s work is profound. He prepared a complete analysis of a staggering number of technical market indicators, evaluating the results of their signals over extensive data histories…Describes each technical tool…along with a brief discussion of how it may be employed…A springboard for further study into productive areas…An absolute must for anyone serious about striving for profits over and above the buy and hope strategy." 
--Richard A. Heine, Income & Asset Advisory Inc., Registered Investment Advisor, Armonk, New York

"Exhaustive in coverage…Uniquely brings together virtually all TA topics into one publication. As a reference work, this latest edition therefore has undoubted value." 
--The Technical Analyst, The Publication For Charting Professionals, technicalanalyst.co.uk, July/August 2004, pages 42-43.

"In summary, Colby provides traders and investors with a clear, concisely written, well-organized research and reference book, showing specific effectiveness and performance characteristics of the most popular technical market indicators, measured over decades of actual past market history. His writing style is succinct and gets right to the point. Both newcomers and experienced analysts and traders can benefit from this research to increase their chances of success--before putting their money at risk." 
--Leslie N. Masonson, Futures, November, 2003, Volume XXXII, Number 14, page 87

"Fantastic stuff--there's nothing like it that I've ever read. Anyone developing a trading system should start with Colby's Encyclopedia to find out what really works." 
--Paul Shread, Analyst, InternetStockReport.com, Jupitermedia Corp.

"I am frankly stunned at the amount and depth of this research. I've read probably 12 to 14 highly rated books on trading and technical analysis, and this Encyclopedia surpasses anything I've seen." 
-- John Hahn, Massachusetts

"Great work. Very useful." 
--Harold Parker, CMT, Dorsey Wright & Associates, Pasadena, CA

"...a real masterpiece and contribution to the body of technical analysis literature. This book should be on the recommended reading list for the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) examination." 
--Dan Chesler, CMT, CTA

"Top Notch! If you are serious about technical analysis and would like to be able to understand the underlying logic, formula, success rate, and limitations of market oscillators and indicators, then this book is for you." 
--David Rankin, Ashland, Kentucky

"A must for the serious investor. A concise and easy to understand examination of technical market indicators. Mr. Colby's book is invaluable when determining the usefulness of indicators. This book is about as close as you can get to a ‘one stop shop’ for technical research." 
-- bullbear99, Pasadena, California

"Robert W. Colby is America's foremost authority on testing market indicators. I highly recommend his completely revised Second Edition. It is one of the books I refer to regularly." 
--Bill Meridian, top-ranked investment analyst and international fund manager, www.billmeridian.com

"We strongly recommend this new and completely revised Second Edition."
--Arch Crawford, Crawford Perspectives, www.AstroMoney.com 

"An indispensable reference tool! I find the new second edition to be an outstanding benchmark reference and a significant leap forward over the great first edition. It is the only book in the field that clearly and concisely describes the methodology and philosophy behind every indicator and technique I have ever heard of. It is a truly invaluable tool to traders on all levels! Furthermore, it is the only book that has been able to describe processes such walk forward optimization in a clear and logical way--something that I have been looking for everywhere." 
--M. J. S. Keenan, professional trader, London 

"A Must Own For All Serious Students Of The Market. This is the most comprehensive book of its kind. Just the graphs of the indicators, equity curves and market indexes are worth the price of the book. The author makes the case for the objective form of technical analysis, where indicators, trading rules, patterns and systems are well defined and testable. This is an absolute necessity for technical analysis to move out of the realm of market myth and folklore and become a disciplined observational science. Though there is always room for debate on specific methodological issues, there can be no debate that technical analysis must move in the direction advocated by the author Robert W. Colby.
This book is a must own for any serious student of the market." 
--David Aronson, professional analyst and trader, New York

"Absolutely essential reading. I enjoyed the second edition very much. It helped me update my technical indicators' arsenal and provided a new insight into the world of technical analysis." 
--A reader from Toronto

"A solid reference volume. A valuable resource for any practitioner of technical analysis, or consumer of technical analysis reports. Every technical analysis method one is likely to encounter is explained clearly, and in detail." 
--A professional trader from the pits of Chicago

"I have studied intensely dozens of technical analysis books, and browsed scores more, and I can say that this completely new Second Edition is by far the greatest value in the history of this literature. These 820 pages of comprehensive, fully documented technical research contain a wealth of valuable methods that can help make you a successful investor." 
--Al Kinzinger, Jr., Princeton Junction, New Jersey

"A significant contribution to technical analysis!"
--Malcolm M. Trevillian, CFA, Franklin Street Partners, Chapel Hill, NC 

"A Great and Essential Book...simply, clearly and completely explains all the technical market indicators that are used in examining stock trends...tells what the indicators measure, what their components are, how they are formulated, and what exactly they purport to indicate...describes their various realms of usefulness and their limitations. The book is packed with charts and examples and is very, very interesting to read. I bought the first edition about six years ago and have found it the only useful reference of its type. The Second Edition is entirely updated and expanded and is ESSENTIAL for understanding Technical Market Indicators and stock trends. I recommend that EVERYONE in the industry and all serious independent traders and researchers get the new SECOND EDITION of this book." 
--Mary P. Vaccaro, New York 


Book Jacket Copy

The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators, Second Edition
Demonstrates How, When, and Why
to Use Specific Technical Market Indicators

This new edition:
• Offers an accumulated treasury of nearly all
known technical market indicators.
• Includes many new indicators.
• Illustrates better ways to use long-established indicators.
• Shows precise formulas and past performance over all
available market history.
• Demonstrates how to maximize reward/risk potentials.

Praise for the First Edition

"Objective. Systematic. Honest. Pulls no punches. Thorough.
Extensively researched. Provides in-depth coverage of more than
one hundred indicators, clearly revealing both their strengths and
weaknesses. Shows you how to select indicators that work best to
achieve your objectives while taking the guesswork out of your
investing and trading. The source for the actual facts about
technical market timing indicators."
--Alan R. Shaw, CMT, Managing Director,
Senior Advisor, Technical Research Department, Salomon Smith Barney

"The most thoroughly documented research that I have ever seen.
Shows hard evidence. Highly recommended."
--Gerald Appel, Signalert Corporation

"Credible. Must reading."
--Norman G. Fosback, The Institute for Econometric Research, Inc.

"Terrific. The most helpful text."
--Paul Rabbitt, RabbittAnalytics.Com

The same Technical Market Indicators used by top-performing
traders and investors are available now.
The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators, Second Edition,
offers the necessary knowledge on how to formulate and test
technical market indicators in an orderly, step-by-step fashion
that can maximized reward/risk performance over actual market history.

The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators
, Second Edition, offers:

• Logical, practical, efficient, effective, systematic, and
..precisely quantified frameworks for organizing information
..about actual observed market behavior, providing a firm foundation
..for making speculative decisions, grounded on historical precedent.

• Flexibility and adaptability to any time frame and any trading instrument.

• Clear-cut, precise, and objective signals that allow us to confidently
execute trades while eliminating uncertainty, guesswork, confusion,
anxiety and stress, and freeing us from
forecasts, opinion, bias, ego, hope, greed, and fear.

• A sensible and orderly procedure for selecting specific decision rules
that would have maximized reward/risk performance
over actual past market behavior.

• Simple, intuitive, easy-to-understand, and precisely-defined formulas
based on a manageable number of variables,
enabling us to execute decisions with the timely and disciplined consistency
that is vital for success in the financial markets.

• Accessibility, based on readily available technology and data.

• Precisely defined methods for risk control and conservation of capital,
allowing for a greater consistency of profitable returns.

The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators
, Second Edition,
shows you how to find a trading system that is right for you
and how to apply it for best results--
increased profit, decreased risk, and the self-confidence
of gaining control over your investment decision making.

Robert W. Colby is a leading authority on investing.
He is widely known as an independent researcher who consults
with both individual and institutional investors, and he is a featured speaker
on investment research methods and the investment outlook
at conferences and seminars worldwide.
For his latest ongoing research, go to

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